I’ve never been happy with my personality. I find reasons to be upset.  All I do is complain. But now I’ve realised that in order to be happy, I need to see what would make me happy. And In my perception, I’d be happy if I was an ambivert, intelligent, vocal, funny. 

And to possess all of those qualities all I had to do was take a step towards it. If you want to be someone you aren’t, doesn’t mean you are fake. Whether if it makes you happier in life, is the way you should look at it. Whatever you want to be, you should take a step forward towards it. Don’t hesitate. Otherwise you’ll never achieve what you want to. You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you bring out that side of yourself.  You yourself need to get out of your comfort zone. Once you do take a step, you will feel the sense of strength and control in yourself. However you feel about anything is directly in your hands. It’s amazing how we have the power to control our feelings towards something. It’s all about how you perceive it. 


Sometimes, I wonder what would it be like if I was not a human being. And what if I was a leaf of a branch of a tree located somewhere in the corner of a building compound. What if I had no achievements, no acquaintances, no difficulties. Life would be so plain. I would have nothing to fight for. I would only have one goal and ie.  to serve the environment. And I wonder what that would be like…

But, Life is so much more when you are a human being, no matter how rich or poor you are, what your history or current life background is, whether you’re old or young. We all have our own battles to fight for. To work towards what we want to achieve, and become someone to be remembered; whether it was something really small or big. And I think it’s something really to be grateful for. If things go wrong, remember to be optimistic and work towards what you want, things will happen to fall in the right place on their own. Slowly, but steadily. 

This is my first blog post. It’s just something I want to give a try to….So here it goes. 

I would like to talk about religion; Christianity. Personally, I feel the orthodox preachers of Christianity try to reinforce the idea of believing in the existence of a God. Which is not right, considering that we live in a modern world. Young minds have been exposed to various types of theories and controversies. And some are already too confused what to believe in. They are being sucked into a void. It’s not right to force someone to believe in something, because then it can be taken for granted. Where I live, I have observed that many of the adolescent christians do not believe in God and that they have been just pushed to adapt the belief. They are present for religious practices physically, but mentally, they are somewhere else. 

There is no freedom given to the adolescents to believe in what they want to.